the help desk

Coaching and support for moments of transformation


We believe movements are stronger when they are intentional not only about what they are doing, but how they are doing it. We also know it can be hard to know where to go for that kind of support, and to carve out space to do it. The Help Desk is here to hold you in moments of need, offering coaching; operational support; and space for strategy development to those working for social justice and change. Support is also available for people who have participated in any of our training programmes to build on and embed their learning.

We draw on the expertise of our team, our wider network of consultants and associates and the brilliant work that is happening across movements, to inform and shape this offer, and help you navigate areas of complexity and work through practical questions, offering support with the following:

1-1 Coaching

Having space and time to think things through can make a huge difference to how you do things both in the moment and for the future. NEON’s approach sees coaching as a space for personal healing and development that allows us to better show up in movement spaces, bring sustainability to our work and is rooted in principles of anti-oppression and liberation. We can support you with things like your personal development and growth, burnout and overwhelm, and navigating your role in the movement.

Operational support

We believe in building organisational structures and systems that are values-driven and align with our values, and have experience in developing, testing and refining our structures both internally and through the work of our OrgBuilders programme. We can provide advice and guidance around your organisational structures and systems, for example what a progressive approach to pay or leave might look like for your organisation; how to make things like finances and decision making more transparent; or how to approach formalising structures in periods of growth.

Strategic development coaching

Movements are filled with people with brilliant ideas and a passion for the issues they care about, yet spaces to explore and develop those ideas can be harder to come by. Many of us end up working in isolation and struggle to know who to talk to when we’re developing ideas, coming up with strategies, and figuring out our plans. Strategic development coaching can provide space to explore ideas, develop and evolve thinking, to help you figure out how to turn your idea into a campaign, event or organisation. This can be helpful if you need a thought partner to work through ideas, build confidence and find a way forward.

Support for programme alumni

Every year NEON trains hundreds of people across our comms and movement building programmes. The training environment is a great place to connect with the content and be inspired by others, and when we get home afterwards it can all start to feel a bit abstract. We offer a 1-1 space for you to reconnect with your learning and build your confidence to put into practice, whether it’s thinking through how to put it into practice or reflecting on what you’ve done and the next steps.

How do I get help?

Fill in this google form telling us who you are and what you’d like support with. The form will also ask you about your availability over the next week to have a call and explore what you’re looking for in more detail. This allows us to get to know you and get a clearer idea of what you’re looking for and who might be best placed to help.


Support through The Help Desk is free for unfunded people and groups and we operate a sliding scale of fees for those who are funded. We don’t want cost to be a barrier and are always happy to discuss what would best work for you and your organisation.

Not what you’re looking for?

If the above doesn’t sound like quite what you need, you might want to check out our training programmes and other support and resources NEON offers. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, drop us a message at and we’ll try and help.