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We offer bespoke training and consultancy options if you can’t find what you’re looking for in one of our open programmes. We’ve worked with dozens of organisations from to the Media Trust to provide one off and ongoing support on everything from media training to strategy sessions. 

Email with your request and we can discuss a range of options. For some examples of services we’ve provided for other groups see below:

  • Media training

  • Movement building and campaign training

  • Narrative and messaging guide creation

  • Facilitation through strategy disagreements and coaching

  • Operational advice and best practice including incubation


We have a track record of doing this work well, with dozens of trainings completed and a raft of real world success stories for example the fact that we have booked over 5,000 TV/radio bookings for progressive causes.


We train people to think about their role in the wider “movement ecology”​ what is their unique role in the ecosystem of change and who could they be working with.


We intentionally build networks between people in the room who wouldn’t otherwise know each other​; working across different issue areas and approaches to change so that the grassroots group meets the NGO who meets the community group – especially important for people wouldn’t normally consider themselves as a campaigner or activist.


We believe in giving people practical, useful tools and skills they can apply directly to their own context; ​helping to build the power of the people who come on our programmes to pass these skills on to their peers.


We have a strong focus on centering the leadership of people with lived experience to help build authentic movements that have the long-term ability to challenge the ‘democratic deficit’ so people can speak for themselves not be spoken for.

Long-term support

We don’t just train people and leave; we offer long term support after the trainings. We help people with the tough and boring stuff as well as the high-profile stuff - thinking through your operations, helping with your governance and all of the traditionally overlooked elements of building power.

Get in touch with with your request.