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A mix of practical tools and theory, Movement Builders is an intensive programme that brings together leaders from across a specific movement to reimagine, strategise, and build relationships that last. You will connect with folks facing similar struggles and develop a deeper understanding of how change is won, inspired by the world's most effective social movement groups. You will leave with budding, relationships from across the movement and the solidarity, analysis, and tactics you need to win; together. The next training will be a CLIMATE JUSTICE SPECIAL, taking place Friday 2nd September to Monday 5th September at an in-person residential.

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Deadline to apply

July 31, 2022

This programme's applications are now closed. Check back later to apply for the next round.

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Key outcomes

  • Mindset: To build a deep understanding and commitment to the movement fundamentals of movement consciousness, appreciation and leadership as the foundations of strategic movement building.
  • Skills: To develop a shared tools and language around social movements and movement building to enable more effective collaboration within movements.
  • Relationships: To support the growth of deeper and more sustainable relationships across the movement ecology based on mutual respect, care and a desire to win, together.

Who is this training for?

This Movement Builders residential course is for people in the UK who are interested in working collaboratively for climate justice. You might be working on decarbonisation campaigns rooted in analyses of global power and oppression, or helping drive a just transition, re-imagining how good, green jobs will play a role in the economy of the future. You might be firmly focused on a local action, or working to connect climate campaigns to global struggles for justice. You might dedicate yourself to stopping climate movements from replicating racist or colonialist power structures, or be thinking about how to harness the energy of people worried about rising bills and their children’s futures. From fuel poverty to air pollution, if you’re working for solutions to the climate crisis that create a more just world in the process, we want to hear from you.

How long is this training?

Four day residential training.

opening quote
I really valued the knowledge of trainers, the space that was created was one of the best learning spaces I have been in. I valued having time to build relationships with other people in the movement.
Rebekah Ross, Grassroots Organiser, London Renters Union and Harringey Streets Kitchen
closing quote

Application process

A written, voice and video recorded application, answering a few questions; followed by a short phone or Zoom call.


Grassroots/Unpaid Organiser: Free // Small Org (annual budget circa £100k): £300 // Medium Org (annual budget circa £500k): £650 // Large Org (annual budget circa £2m+): £1200.

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