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Applications are now open for the Thursday 25th of July 2024 training date.

Born out of our experience preparing spokespeople for broadcast media interviews and conducting framing research, we have designed a messaging training that covers framing and principles and how to craft effective messages. This training incorporates the UK Race Class Narrative authored by Raquel Jesse and developed by CLASS UK and ASO Communications along with learnings from the US Race Class Narrative led by We Make the Future and ASO Communications.

What does the training cover?

Intro to framing and messaging

This training covers the basics of what framing is, why it matters and how it impacts the messages you put out into the world. 

Thinking about your audience

This training focuses on how to craft messages that appeal to the broadest section of the general public. The principles and activities are useful for reaching any audience - but if your comms strategy is very targeted this might not be the training for you. 

How to write effective messages that build solidarity across race, class and gender

We will walk you through six principles that will help you craft powerful messages that cut through the noise and shift thinking. 

Our training has incorporated the amazing Race Class Narrative work from CLASS UK. This is a new concept for most communicators and could be challenging to put into practice. We have provided as much time as possible to work through how to name race, class and gender but as this is currently only a half day training the aim is to provide you with the foundational tools to continue experimenting with these principles in your work. NEON is always available for follow up and to give feedback on messaging. 

Practical exercises

We have designed a range of individual and paired exercises for people to try out each principle. At the end of the training you would have written a narrative incorporating all the messaging principles. It may not be perfect but it will be a good start. The idea is for you to take these principles, apply it to the wealth of knowledge you have about the issues you work on and continue to refine them using NEON’s support when you need it.

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Deadline to apply

June 26, 2024

This programme's applications are now closed. Check back later to apply for the next round.

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Key outcomes

Who is this training for?

This  training is  for communicators and campaigners, and anyone in our movements interested in learning how to develop powerful messaging. 

More specifically it is for: 

  1. People with a range of experience in comms. We have designed this training so that it covers the basics but is also hopefully challenging for people who are new to the Race Class Narrative approach. 
  2. People who work on public facing campaigns in an organisation, group or solo.
  3. People who are interested in speaking to the vast majority of people using broadcast media, social media etc.

This is not broadcast media training for spokespeople - find out more about this training here. This workshop is online and interactive. Participants must be able to commit to attending the entire training.

How long is this training?

Half-day (4 hours) and it is held online.

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Application process

Public Messaging Training
Applications are now open for Thursday 25th of July 2024 training date- please apply via this form. Applications close at 9am on Wednesday 26th of June. If you have any questions about the application process please contact . For more information on the accessibility programme please have a look at our information pack here.

We will run a number of public trainings throughout the year, so please keep an eye out for them on our various newsletters, find out more about them and how to join here. We will be taking a maximum of 12 people at a time and will go through a selection process based on the campaigns people are working on and how they plan to use these skills. We will let you know whether you have been successful or not. We can’t guarantee that we will be able to give feedback on applications.

Dedicated Training

If you have a group of people in your network or organisation for whom you would like to hold a dedicated training, please email


This programme is free for grassroots and community organisations, and we operate a sliding scale fee for other organisations based on size and income.

  • Grassroots/Unpaid Organiser: Free (but a donation welcome if you have it)
  • Small Org (annual budget circa £100k): £100 + 20% VAT
  • Medium Org (annual budget circa £500k): £200 + 20% VAT
  • Large Org (annual budget circa £2m+): £400 + 20% VAT

Running date

The next session will run on Thursday 25th of July 2024, 9.00am to 13.00 BST.

We will run a number of public trainings throughout the year.

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