spokesperson network

Training for people to speak on TV and radio

The Spokesperson Network trains and supports people to speak on television and radio. We are substantially boosting the number of progressive, diverse voices in this space to challenge pervasive narratives and boost coverage of underrepresented issues. The programme works by training, coaching and providing PR booking support for spokespeople from civil society working on social, environmental and economic issues.

So far we’ve had over 11000 high-profile media bookings, including Question Time, Newsnight, Good Morning Britain, LBC, Channel 4 News, BBC 5 Live, Today, Sky News and ITV News.

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The programme consists of two half days of training and one day in person where we will cover everything from messaging and storytelling to interview preparation and non-verbal communication. Participants will practise a series of different interview formats in front of a camera with framing experts, producers and journalists. 

We run two rounds of training for the national programme every year and two rounds of training for the regional programme.


After the training we provide an ongoing pitching service where we will proactively source TV and radio opportunities for you to respond to the big news stories of the day that are relevant to your area of work, and provide ongoing support for how you navigate the challenges and opportunities.

The Network

When you join the Spokesperson Network you join the ranks of other progressive voices across a range of issues - not just your own. There are opportunities to socialise, share thoughts and learn from each other across the year.