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Our incubation programme has taken early-stage movement organisations and provided them with a structured programme of support to help them:

  • Test, refine and prove the impact of their theory of change in a supported and progressive testing ground.

  • Develop their own core infrastructure, governance and systems with mentoring and support before spinning out if the idea proves itself.

  • Join a network of other incubated organisations to learn from, offer support to themselves and work together.

We have housed incubated organisations within NEON’s legal structure, taken care of backend support functions like HR and finance, and provided intensive coaching on fundraising, communications and strategy as part of a package for a subsidised fee.

Groups we've incubated

Nurses United

Nurses United is a grassroots network of nurses supporting nurses to pressure Governments and Councils to listen to Nurses on the frontlines through:

  • Campaigning on issues that matter to Frontline Nurses, not their managers.

  • Building capacity and skills amongst the Nursing movement.

  • Creating an organisation that values Frontline Nurses and trusts them to develop and lead campaigns.

They’ve led hundreds of demos across the UK and pioneered organising tools through the pandemic from the PPE reporting tool to helping successfully fight the case for higher wages.

Just Treatment

Everyone deserves fair access to high quality healthcare. Just Treatment is organising to win a transformed healthcare system, where private profit is never put before patient health by organising patients to fight for their rights and the service. They’ve won patient access to drugs against Big Pharma, produced a patient led plan for the NHS and had hundreds of media hits.

opening quote
NEON’s incubation of Just Treatment has been fundamental to our existence and success. Their operational support has meant we have been able to focus all of our energy on the transformative change we want to win. Their support for our fundraising and growth has meant we’ve survived and been able to start scaling up. But most importantly their strategic guidance, capacity building, coaching, and comms support has meant that we have been able to grow an organisation with the culture, strategy, and organising approach that has delivered high-profile, winning campaigns that have changed the lives of NHS patients. We’ve consistently managed to punch above our weight and NEON are a big part of the explanation for that impact we’ve had.
Diarmaid McDonald, Lead Organiser Just Treatment
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