Transformative Organising

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Transformative organising seeks to:

  • Transform the conditions we live in
  • Transform who has power in society, long term
  • Transform ourselves and our capacity

Transformative organising is a long term, sustainable approach to organising. This training will outline all the key tools in a Transformative Organiser’s toolbox and what it means to do them well. You will connect with other folks across Greater Manchester, sharing the challenges and wins you’ve had so far, in a group culture rooted in collective care and anti oppression. We hope you’ll leave the training with a network of support for the future and the skills and mindset you need to win big.

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Deadline to apply

September 12, 2022

This programme's applications are now closed. Check back later to apply for the next round.

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Key outcomes

Together we’ll use these tool to dig into how to:

  • Take a systematic approach to building your base with those at the sharp end of the crisis.
  • Develop strategic, escalating campaigns underpinned by a collective analysis of the problem.
  • Raise our political consciousness and leadership capacity at every step of the way whilst building alliances and solidarity locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Build an effective organisational structure and culture that aligns with our values.

The curriculum and follow on support:

The programme is delivered over two weekends. Throughout both weekends, we’ll give you various tools for setting the right culture of your group.

Over weekend one the curriculum will focus on:

  • How to choose what issue to focus on - what kind of criteria you might use to inform this strategic decision.
  • How to use power mapping to chart - who is our target, who can give us what we want, how might we influence them and who might help us.
  • How you build your base, how to do different forms of outreach to bring people in, then how to do a 121, run a meeting and take a systematic approach that helps you get the numbers you need without burning out. 

And weekend two will explore:

  • Different tactics you can use for collective action 
  • How to escalate your campaign strategically to win the change you want to see as well as what it takes to put on a successful action 
  • What kind of organisational structure best supports transformative organising and how to build different forms of alliances. 

As well as the taught curriculum over two weekends, participants will be able to attend a regular Wellbeing, Anti-Oppression and Collective Care session for Transformative Organising alumni, alongside workshops and skills shares for organisers within the NEON network.

Who is this training for?

This training is for anyone in Greater Manchester who has both the opportunity and desire to organise in a transformative way. You’ll be part of a group or community that has the potential to adopt this approach or develop it further but you’ll not necessarily be an experienced organiser.

You might be working on migrant rights, climate justice, health, housing or another issue with social, economic and/or environmental justice at its heart. We’re happy to welcome up to two participants from the same organisation or group and prioritise places for those with a direct experience of the issue they’re seeking to challenge.

If you’re interested in attending this or future trainings get in touch with

How long is this training?

The training takes place in two parts. Participants must be available to attend both parts of the training programme:

  • Part 1: 7th - 9th October
  • Part 2: 4th - 6th November

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Application process

To help us make sure that Transformative Organising is the right training for you we ask all participants to answer a few questions. You can either write your answers or record a video or audio application. Places on the training are limited and often over subscribed so we also ask that you confirm you can attend both sessions in full before we offer you a place. Transformative Organising is free for grassroots and community organisations and we operate a sliding scale price for other organisations based on size and income.


Grassroots/Unpaid Organiser: Free // Small Org (annual budget circa £100k): £300 // Medium Org (annual budget circa £500k): £650 // Large Org (annual budget circa £2m+): £1200.

Running date

7th - 9th October // 4th - 6th November

Venue: TBC Manchester