Transformative Organising

Transformative organising seeks to:

  • Transform the conditions we live in
  • Transform who has power in society, long term
  • Transform ourselves and our capacity

Transformative organising is a long term, sustainable approach to organising. This training will outline all the key tools in a Transformative Organiser’s toolbox and what it means to do them well. You will connect with other folks across Greater Manchester, sharing the challenges and wins you’ve had so far, in a group culture rooted in collective care and anti oppression. We hope you’ll leave the training with a network of support for the future and the skills and mindset you need to win big.

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September 12, 2022

This programme's applications are now closed. Check back later to apply for the next round.

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Key outcomes

Together we’ll use these tool to dig into how to:

  • Take a systematic approach to building your base with those at the sharp end of the crisis.
  • Develop strategic, escalating campaigns underpinned by a collective analysis of the problem.
  • Raise our political consciousness and leadership capacity at every step of the way whilst building alliances and solidarity locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Build an effective organisational structure and culture that aligns with our values.

If you would like to know more about our transformative organising offer and how we might be able to support your organising, please contact Gauri on

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