Global Messaging Programme

Here are the participants we had from this year.

The journey to transformative change in our societies begins with the stories we tell. Co-hosted by NEON and ASO Communications, this programme brings together a small cohort of communicators from around the world for an intensive two-month course. Taught and led by Anat Shenker-Osorio, participants explore cognitive research on perception and persuasion, language and semantics, and what’s working and how to fix what’s not in current campaign communication.

Participants 2022

Deadline to apply

April 30, 2022

This programme's applications are now closed. Check back later to apply for the next round.

In partnership with
Aso communications

Key outcomes

  • Narrative frameworks and theories
  • Reframing and language analysis skills
  • Presentation and public speaking skills
  • Continued coaching and support

Who is this training for?

This programme is for people with professional or organising experience in communications, who have some experience in creating, implementing, and distributing messages, writing messaging guides, and/or message testing.

How long is this training?

  • Two 2.5 day retreats (international travel required).
  • Six weeks of virtual classes.
  • 6 hours of reading and preparation/ week throughout the programme.
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Application process


Running date

Running from March - May 2022.

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