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Executive Director ("new parent leave" cover) with rolling application deadline. Also open to job-share applicants who have worked together well in the past

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Application deadline:

April 2, 2023

The purpose of this role is to lead NEON whilst our current Executive Directors are away on New Parent Leave (with strong collaboration from “Directors Group” - our equivalent of SLT). You will lead on a narrowed set of four crucial areas: 1. Fundraising and financial stability - this means doing fundraising, maintaining and building relationships with funders, and having zoomed-out oversight over our finances with the board (though day-to-day this is handled by our finance team). 2. External relationships and being the public face of NEON’s response to any big external events - coordinating NEON’s response to external events and any expected or unexpected risks to NEON. This could include an early election, some kind of crisis comms, or a complaint on a programme or safeguarding issue that needs a safe pair of hands, expertise and care. 3. Managing the Directors of our 3 “hubs” (what we call teams) and leading our Directors Group (the equivalent of SLT) to ensure NEON keeps having impact through its work. 4. Being a guardian of the parameters we set around NEON’s work for the year - which will be handed over when you start. There will be a rolling application deadline, we will start considering applications on the morning of Monday 6th March 2023. This is an earlier deadline than we usually practice, since we’d like the person to have as much overlap as possible with our current co-directors. We will close the recruitment process as soon as the position is filled


Hybrid working. Our flexible working policy requires everyone to be in our east London office for 25% of the time as a minimum because building in-person relationships is important to us (that could be one week a month, or a day or two a week), but you’re welcome to be there more as many staff are.



Contract type

12-15 month "new parent leave" cover


Full-time, which for NEON is 28 hours a week - the equivalent of a 4 day standard work week. This can be done over 4 or 5 days, that’s totally up to you. Hours are generally flexible, with some core meetings everyone has to be at. If you are job-share candidates, we’d be open to you doing a total of 6 days between you


A 28-hour week as our FTE with no change to salary, 7.5% employer matched pension, genuinely flexible working, 20 days holiday per year (25 days pro rated for a 4 day week), plus bank holidays and Christmas break, a progressive Parenting Policy, Sabbatical Policy, and a generous staff development budget

Reporting to

Chair of the Board


Hub Directors